Akai Katana is getting re-released in 2022

City Connection announced Akai Katana is getting re-released in 2022, news confirmed in a new live broadcast.

While Akai Katana is getting re-released in 2022, development platforms nor a release date weren’t confirmed – however the game was shown running on Nintendo Switch (albeit with the same UI from the Xbox version).

Akai Katana was originally developed by CAVE Interactive and released in Japanese arcades back in 2010, and later go a 2021 home release for Xbox 360. Since then it has not been ported to any other platforms, and isn’t backwards compatible on Xbox Series X|S.

City Connection is prepping the Akai Katana re-release with new team TAKExOFF, which is being split between company planner Takehiro Eda and former SPS staff in Zerodiv Fukushima Factory.

You can see the Akai Katana re-release running in the below archive from the livestream:

Editor’s note: Akai Katana gameplay is shown from 23:50 to 26:34

Further information wasn’t shared – but we’ll keep you guys posted.

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